A letter to the Friends
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Dear Friends,

As you can see the website is nno longer servicing its intended site. Recent developments and a Board of Directors refusing to change the way they do things have caused me to break down a website that has serviced many for over 20 years. Three Years ago I was elected President becucause the previous President made numerous errors and a tremendous amount of active volunteers left our group( which now sits at 4)

Under the previous leadership:

1. A Vice President was appointed( by the President) who never presided nor attended an event or meeting. However when the Massacre Event she under the aadvice of the President changed the entire slate of events causing me to cancel several guests, and companies. According to the President at the time he never gave her that directive

2 The previous President ordered addtional glass blown products but then never paid for these items and then balked when I chose to pay for them because i believe the FOHH did order them under the direction alone of the President at the time and this needed to be rectified

3. Under the previous President, our Treasurer like our Vice President never presided or attended meetings or events. Because of this lack of attendence the FOHH almost lost their 501c3 under his leadership. I corrected this matter after giving her several attempts to do her job. She was removed and her position remained open


4. Under the previous Presidents leadership he wanted to conceal what was in our tresury specifically from the State of New Jersey, this is illegal and when pointed out to him he rolled his eyes. It was never done.

5. I was forced by the Board of Directors to Create a director position for the past president because" then he would still feel he is a member" I did this to appease the Board however it made zero sense

6. Durring my presidency the past president  was rarely to be seen except when he decided to complain about everything he could complin about. This included: the ice we use to make ice cream, a typographical error he directed at me but the letter was proof read by two others who missed it as well. The past president basically disappeared doing nothing, he chose to complain I didnt thank the folks for coming nor the band for playing which was totally untrue in fact when it was time to clean up he was gone. The previous President also complained about the students volunteering their time to the FOHH but at no timie did he ever complain about student volunteers of a specific race.

7 Our annual meeting was held IN November and a slate of officers was elected which violated ou By-Laws. The membership, including myself was never informed in writing of the election by the Secretary or anyone else, I was asked however to approve a letter noting the election took place and who was elected, I refused to permit this letter to go to the membership because of the previously mentioned violations which fall under Article IV. I myself was never informed the November meeting was taking place I received only a email asking the Township if the meeting hall was available.

Realizing to some i may sound like a sore loser to the contrary I already moved on but the progress made over the last three years is about to go backwords because this Board doesnt want change they want the same ole same ole to continue. Donald Trump cried about a rigged election well I experienced this one and the By Laws prove it. This is who is govorning your public funds,DECISIONS NOT MADE IN THE BOARD MEETINGS BUT AT SENIOR CITIZEN LUNCHES AND DURRING CARD GAMES.I wish you all well and one day hopefully the House will be a house for all but until an entire new board is elected and your funds protected i see it servicing a few not the many


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